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Blogging Tips Every Other Week

Blogging Tips for 6/11/2015

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?


ive added another review of wealthy affiliate this week because it’s a huge community and members bring out new views from time to time. This week’s scam review is by Louie Luc.  Continue Reading

Google Keyword Planner

To help search for keywords, google has come up with a tool to use that called google keyword planner (GKP).  This tool can be found along-side the google adwords section, which advanced marketers use for ads.  To use GKP you need to have an adwords account. We will look at the features of the free keyword planner, namely finding various variations of keywords very quickly, showing volumes of keywords and which keywords are popular or not.  Follow for more information.  Continue Reading

A Blog Is an Important Career

Do you blog because of something you are passionate about? Or you find it a platform for  entrepreneurs or yet still as a way of expressing yourself.   All or some of these answers will refer to you. Those who are doing it know it is a rewarding career; Most experienced bloggers like Jeff Bullas confirm this. Continue Reading

SEO –  A Newbie’s Guide

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the steps you take to make your site visible in search engines like bing, google and yahoo, which most people use. There are technical as well as creative aspects of SEO like the way the site is structure,what you put on the pages and how other sites link to it. Gyantastic gives us this newbie’s guide to SEO.  continue reading

Embed videos in wordpress blog posts

in addition to posts, you’ll also want to add videos to your blog. Syed Balkhi shows how to do that in his article.  continue reading