8 Cool Tools for Finding Long Tail Keywords


Using long-tail keywords in website or other content is still an important part of
content generation . Long-tail keywords can boost the ranks of sites of individuals
and companies, when done properly using appropriate tools. It also involves serious
techniques and critical thinking. In 2011 google brought out a Panda update that affected
content considered as spam and also keyword stuffing. Another update, the Hummingbird  in 2013, introduced googles way of considering user intent of content generated.
These updates brought misconceptions in peoples’ minds about keywords. However
keyword research is still relevant as it still provides ranking possibilities. With the advancement of search technology however, google updates when undertaken are now less noticeable.

Points to note in your search for a keyword tool

People use keyword tools based on their preferences.  It is necessary to try as many
tools as possible and settle for a few to use for your keyword search.

Another thing is to consider your level of expertise in content creation and your needs. Beginners may not need all metrics given by a tool; but will be interested in number of people visiting the site and where they are coming from like country, website or social media sites.

>    Search for a tool that is often updated by the developers

>    Bear in mind that costs are involved in pro versions of the tools

>    Using a combination of free and paid tools is desirable

Essential points to note in the selection of keywords

  • Content must be created with the user in mind rather than being stuffed with keywords.  Search must be made for phrases that will flow naturally when written.
  • With the release of the google updates use of keywords is still necessary
  • Use of long phrase keywords with low search volume is indispensable.

Keyword research has been described as boring, tiring etc. but the only way round it is constant practice till you get used to it.

With the above in mind, lets look at some cool paid and free keyword tools and the metrics they show:

Tool Features
Ahrefs Delivers massive data with several variations. Fast and shows in depth key word difficulty (competition) and research.
SEM Rush Shows top organic keywords used by a website and that of their competitors;  [ii]  in depth backlink analysis [iii] rank tracking [iv] site audit [v] estimated result in SERPS [vi] trend results
Long Tail Pro For profitable niches and keywords [ii]  helps to optimise paid campaigns [iii] useful for assessing organic search terms and competition
Google Keyword Planner Shows more keyword suggestions, [ii] traffic volumes, [iii] cpc estimations [iii] synonyms and variations of niche keyword  [iv]  organic search results
Jaaxy Shows the average no of searches for a keyword in a month [ii] traffic volume [iii] QSR – quoted search results for a keyword [iv] KQI – keyword quality indicator [v] SEO
Answer The Public Uses google’s suggest feature to come up with ideas using questions, prepositions and comparison of keyword phrases; also provides an alphabetical list
Keywords Everywhere A chrome browser extension that gives the volume of search terms at the bottom of the page together with CPC, and competition
Niche Reaper Quickly discovers trending long tail keyword phrases from social media sites, search engines, blogs, forums, amazon etc saving time and reducing frustration to bring out profitable niche ideas in seconds


Most of the features are common to all the tools. Additional features to look out for, depending on your needs are:

  • Large volumes of keyword variation (Free, Google Keyword Planner)
  • Ahrefs (continued update of tool)
  • Backlink analysis and trend results (SEM Rush)
  • Help in optimising paid campaigns (Long Tail Pro)
  • Domain name availability (Jaaxy)
  • Variations of questions, prepositions, used in keyword phrase (Answer the public)
  • Keywords Everywhere (Free tool)
  • Niche Reaper (Trending keywords in real time)

Do you think your niche is weird or not well known? Consider the following points:

Unlike hobby bloggers, aspiring professional bloggers should search for these factors which is an indication that a niche is profitable:

  • The presence of passions or problems on which people would spend money
  • Affiliate products on the niche
  • Competition – more sites and search volumes of the niche phrases


All niches can be said to be profitable even those that are considered to be very weird.  Some very weird niches have been known to be very profitable like selling children’s books or creating downloadable templates for sale.   Creativity with any fresh ideas that has some usefulness is what makes an unlikely niche to become very popular and profitable.

Its been suggested that using two of these tools is adequate.

Your content should be based on what you want the user to benefit from.   If the user intent is well researched and written instead of just concentrating on rankings and loading your text with long and short tail keywords you would not have to worry about being penalized by google.

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Facts about Branded Products like T’shirts

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Simple t'shirt
Simple t’shirt

Words and artwork that motivate, give good-will and encouragement are put on branded products like t’shirts, mugs etc. to form a
niche with a targeted audience. This could be religious quotes, popular sayings of a group, attributes of professional groups like nurses, students, sports enthusiasts, humorous and motivational quotes, popular or trending slogans etc. These also reach out to people just like e books because people are gaining relevant information and adding value to their lives.

Making a design for t’shirts and other products has become a profitable side income or full time work online. Some also donate all or part of the income generated to charity. T’shirts, mugs, key hooks, caps, tote bags, sports/travelling bags, cosmetic cases, jewellery bags, hoodies, coasters, umbrellas, sippers, and gifts are some of the products that are branded with artwork and text.

It is necessary to target a specific group or audience for such a project. Niches are divided into trend-based [seasonal like Christmas, Easter, festivals etc.] or evergreen – based on things that are constant e.g. moms, dads, professions, birthdays etc. There are also several sub niches of these broad niches – teenagers who love football

To start, choose a niche as always, based on an interest shared by several other people. Make a search by checking on sites and social media pages with the same niche and see which designs have much engagement or likes. You can also check the websites that produce t’shirts for possible designs. A few of such companies/platforms are;

cafe press.com
style us brands.com

How to become a T’shirt Designer

– Search for t’shirt producing websites see what is expected of you as a designer
– create a fan page with appropriate name on Facebook or other social media
– write a draft description for your design as to why the design and save it on your pc
– with your designs in mind, crate an account and start creating your designs – which could be only text or a combination of text and artwork.
– put the designs on your Fanpage and link it to other t’shirt sites and some of your fans who are also interested in that niche
– engage and promote your tees and/or other products
– create campaigns or paid Facebook ads

How T’shirt Designing Platforms Operate

Most t’shirt platforms operate in a similar manner. i.e

– provide tool for designing
– designers do not pay anything to create designs. you are paid when a minimum [stated] number of the product is sold.
– set a goal [no of shirts to be ordered before printing starts]
– set the selling price
– print and market the product based on orders received
– designers set up a shop on platform
– other designers can sell your shirts i.e cross promote and sell
– pay designers after successful sales

Selling t’shirts on Teespring

Teespring.com is one such site that is popular for tees. Upon creating an account you are sent to the designing tool where you add text, font, change font colour etc; or click ‘art’ to upload your own artwork.

Teespring t'shirt design tool
Teespring t’shirt design tool

On the right side of the screen, you can also add a few other t’shirt designs like hood, children’s tees, women’s etc. change the colour or indicate other colours in which the tee can be printed. A selling price is set as you add designs. You can also choose to add a caption at the back of the shirt or not.

After that move to step 2, set a goal,  go through the steps and in step 3 add a description.

Teespring t'shirt creation page
Teespring t’shirt creation page


You will also select a category and fill in the blank for url which is the name you used to create the account. This will link customers to your page on teespring

Teespring T'shirt Creation - Step 3
Teespring T’shirt Creation – Step 3


After which you promote your tee on your Facebook page and also make some Facebook ads to attract a targeted audience.


  • there are no upfront costs to start
  • only t’shirts that are ordered and paid for will be printed
  • can be successful with a targeted niche and a few attempts to sell without using ads


  • testing and re-testing of facebook ads requires learning  and practice to succeed

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How to work on Fiverr

Fiverr was started in 2009 as a freelance site.   It is a large market place in which people are looking for all sorts of services to sell or buy.  Sellers indicate a task to perform for the payment of initial $5; hence the name fiverr.  Jobs performed are known as gigs.   It is a site for freelancers to expand their services and build reputation in their niche.

A perfect Gig on Fiverr, could be something you can do literally in a few minutes or hours, but that not many other people can do.   There is the need to study the platform, see what others are offering for ideas as to what you can also offer.

The most important principles required on fiverr are:

  • Truth
  • respect
  • professionalism

As you undertake one skill successfully, you can add other skills you have as well.

It is allowed to hire other freelancers on fiverr to do aspects of the tasks in order to save yourself time.

Working on fiverr is not a matter of paying peanuts for monkeys; as you go through various levels, and augment your services charges can go up to between $100 and $500 for high level sellers.


Sellers share 20% of the funds with fiverr.

Payment is only through paypal and payoneer.

Waiting time is 14 days




Before registering on fiverr, sharpen your skills for the gig you want to offer.

Research on fiverr  for popular gigs.

Look for tools and apps that will make your work go on well


  • Add a video of what you can do to your profile
  • Use specific catchy heading and titles
  • Add a customised image
  • Give a good description of your service

III      First thing is to join the forum after registration at forum.fiverr.com


IV .

  • Provide quality and timely gigs in order foryour customers to keep coming back.
  • Also pay attention to customer reviews and make improvements where necessary.
  1. Dealing with buyers
  • Avoid giving buyers samples where that is not really necessary
  • When buyers do not know what they want, guide them but do what is only worth your time
  • Take time to discuss the details of the project well in advance and ask the buyer for references where necessary
  • Estimate your required price and be clear with the buyer about all the terms that the order includes before going ahead with the work
  • Some things like good images must be provided by the buyer and try to avoid unlimited revisions that is not worth your time nor the price set for the gig
  • Some difficult buyers expect good quality work for a very low price


  • Apprise yourself of the pros and cons of fiverr from different perspectives on the forum and other online searches

Make a free ebook cover using powerpoint


The cover of your ebook is also an essential part of the book since it is the first thing seen by searchers.  It is necessary to take time in getting a very good attractive cover that will fit unto any device like pc, phone or tablet.

Some rules to bear in mind when creating an ebook cover:

  • should give readers an idea of what the book is about even if they’ve not seen the text or content of the book.
  • Should look professionally designed
  • Design should reflect the content of the book
  • Should be a flat design to load unto your ebook; but a 3d cover design can be displayed on your website
  • Should look well as a thumbnail


Some ebook cover design software

  • Powerpoint
  • Microsoft word
  • Kindle publishing ebook cover maker
  • Free online ecover maker
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator Cs6
  • Canva [and other image creation tools]



Application of concept – OWT (Onlineworkerz Tutorial)  2 

Make  some research on other book covers both online and offline – checking on  fonts, colours, images etc

Simple ebook cover

 [1]   For a very simple ebook cover e.g to put on a pdf that will be shared among friends or colleagues,

  1. In your draft ebook, move the first page down [i.e the page on which you have the book title and author name] to the second page to ensure the first page is blank
  2. Search for an image already stored on your pc and upload it unto the blank page
  3. Copy the heading and subtitle and place it underneath the image [change the font by making it larger and also add some effects, like a box, shadow etc]
  4. Centre both picture and text on page.
  5. Finish



Using microsoft powerpoint

For an image that you draw by yourself,

  1. Go to file, new, blank presentation or design, page setup then change the size of the slide to  10” x 15” or 6” x 9” [or 3200 x 4800 pixels]

ebook declan 1



  1. With the colour of the book in mind, go to insert, shapes and select the rectangle shape. The cursor changes into a black cross . drag the shape around the border of your shape on both the left and right. [arrowed]  It can also be at the top and bottom.
  1. Click format, shape outline. Select red from the colours.  This immediately changes the outline of the rectangular shape to red.
  2. Click Insert, text box. The cursor changes into an arrow. Use it to draw a rectangular shape at the top of your slide.  click inside and type the heading.  Then click format, shape fill and choose grey. [as found on image above]
  3. Highlight your text, change font by making it bigger
  4. Click format, word art styles, choose one, and change style of text, if desired
  5. Do the same at the bottom for the sub heading; but this time choose format, text fill and black.
  6. Save as jpeg on your pc
  7. Upload unto ebook

Using a picture or image on your pc
  1. Go to file, new, blank presentation or design, page setup then change the size of the slide to 10” x 15” or 6” x 9” [or 3200 x 4800 pixels]
  2. Go to picture, select a picture from your pc and upload it
  3. Click on the picture. The format icon appears on the toolbar; use it to make any changes you want to the image like changing the colour, add text using larger font etc and add other effects.
  4. Save as jpeg on your pc
  5. Then upload unto your ebook when you are ready

Alternatively you can use a professional to design your ebook cover.

Steps to writing an e-book using microsoft word

Many times you’ll find that you need to put a document into an acceptable form to be accessible by others.  one way of doing this is to convert it into an e-book using microsoft word, a programme used daily by most people.  Word had enough features to make an e-book quite easily.

When writing an e-book, use a minimum of styles; and keep the texts clean and as simple as possible, with a simple layout.

The steps to creating an e-book using a word doc are:

  1. Open word, click new page

If you want to see how your book will appear on several pages as you type, click view, two pages (optional)

It is usual to start with the  following:

  • a title page which includes a sub title if applicable, and the author’s name e.g


snip 1

  • a copyright page
  • acknowledgements and a prologue if you wish to include the latter.


  1. After each of the above pages, click insert, page break or ctrl +enter to insert the break and go to the next page


  1. Copy a page or two, of a doc already on your pc into the other pages.  It must have a main title or heading and subtitle.

On the home tab, look towards the right of the screen and click on change styles, style set.  Hover your cursor over each style in turn and watch how the text you’ve pasted on the page changes with the selected style.  Select one to apply to your text.   Apply normal style to the body of your text; and also choose a style to apply to the heading.

You get the same results if you hover the cursor over the images namely ‘normal’, heading 1, heading 2 etc

Alternatively you can click on normal and right click modify to make changes to your text.  The advantage with this one is that, you see the changes as they will actually look on screen in real time.

  1. If your book is a novel with several parts, use

Header One for Parts, (if there are several parts of the book)

Header Two for Chapters, and

Header Three for sub headings

Click file, save as pdf or xps, create PDF/XPS button. Type a name for the e-book, and then select the desired optimizing option and click Publish

Then use other e-book creation tools to convert the files into whatever other e-book formats you need.

  1. For table of contents click references and select one of the options provided or  click ‘insert table of contents’, choose the first option and click ok.  Click section break, break to go to the next page


  1. If there are images in your book, position your cursor at the place where you’d want the picture to be.   Click on insert, picture and select a picture from your pc.  Right click on the picture and apply more formatting to it. If you so wish


  1. Go to Insert and click header and also footer – for page numbers, to add both to the pages

8.    Adding an E-book cover

Word has provided e-book covers one of which will be inserted instantly as soon as you click on it.  This can be obtained from Insert, Cover Page, and customize it accordingly.

You can also use image creating sites gimp, photoshop etc. to design the e-book cover of your choice, save  and upload unto the book from your pc.


Always test your e-book template with a few pages of the book before finalising it.

Amazing Tools for writing an e-book

E-books are popular these days for people who want to reach a larger audience with information on products, academics, customer guides and brochures. Both free and paid tools have sprung up for publishing such e-books to give readers a profitable experience.  Some of the popular tools are shown below:

  1.  Evernote   )        

  2.  Pageplus    )    

  • both tools can be used to put together both thoughts and ideas
  • Pageplus has functionality to put together a professionally-looking ebook
  • It is also for creating vector based images in an ebook; customisation of page title and heading feature

Scrivener  –

  • comment and create footnotes on written portions of draft e-book
  • insert chart and make research directly into your document
  • has e-book name generator


Issuu – 

  • Easy to use. First make your book in word and upload into Issuu. Have the option to give readers a peak into the first few pages of your book .
  • Integrates well with social media for ease of sharing
  • Can be used to publish a regular newsletter
  • Suitable for ebooks that are highly graphic in nature



  • Has mind mapping tools for outlining, brainstorming and organizing notes
  • Use to create a to do list
  • For tracking possible sources of your e-book


Vook –

  • Ebook publishing service for those who opt to do it all themselves
  • Design and editing functions
  • Has option to add video or audio
  • Offers cover design and text formatting
  • You can keep the publication free or sell it


Ommwriter –

  • Ebook publishing service for those who opt to do it all themselves
  • Design and editing functions
  • Has option to add video or audio
  • Offers cover design and text formatting
  • You can keep the publication free or sell it

Calibre –

  • Create an ebook amassed from around the i nternet. Great tool for using whats already out there
  • Converts into various e-book formats
  • Bookbaby –
    • Is a great means for distributing your books online
    • Cover design feature
    • Sells ISDN nos for kindle as well as books in print
    • You keep all funds from your book sales

Blurb –

  • Makes professionally looking ebooks
  • Offers standard as well as special business publishing
  • Formatting for indesign and lightroom
  • Has ebook editor


  • Microsoft Word –
  • Allows creation of e-book in
  • Doc or docx formats
  • Create table of content
  • Add page colours, textures etc.
  • Add image


How to use Microsoft word’s publisher to write an ebook step by step

How to write and sell an ebook on kindle

There are a number of people who write and sell ebooks on kindle as a way of working online.  A few people still prefer to read print-on-demand (paperback) books.  But in modern times most people prefer to download and read ebooks. With that method you can get the book to download instantly.  Ebooks are read at a computer screen or from handheld e-readers.

Why ebooks are so popular

Why have ebooks become so popular?  Ebook sales have since 2010 continued to surpass hardcover book sales on both amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.  Self publishing namely print on demand and electronic publishing are easier and more affordable than traditional vanity publishing; thus many companies started publishing ebooks to increase their credibility whilst ebook companies also sprang up to help up and coming authors.Any type of written publication can be turned into an ebook. With ebooks there are no printing costs.

 In thinking of an ebook you have to get a niche i.e what the book will be about.  You also have to research and see what other publications are there on the subject for more ideas.  Also know what people are saying about the subject by joining discussions in the forums and then you can narrow down your writing to meet a specific audience.

Maybe you have a vast knowledge of a topic and you can create a series of books. For example, if you’re a gardener, you can books on rose gardening, vegetable gardening, inside gardening, organic gardening and more.  

Most larger booksellers like Amazon, Barns and Noble etc already have ebook departments.

There are various steps involved in publishing an ebook some of which are;

Researching – find out whether it will solve a problem e.g teaching how to do something , address a fear or satisfy a curiosity.  Search from tutorials and guides on how to write an ebook and also your niche.  Also look up some of the best selling books on amazon for more ideas

Your Niche – is it fiction or non fiction

Writing drafts – dividing into chapters

Finalising writing – should not be too long, [depending on the topic] as people tend to read on their way to work

Adding an ebook cover

Adding security to minimise duplication

Publishing – you may use experts or do it yourself


Marketing your book – Theres the need to spend some time getting a facebook page or website, newsletter, rss feed etc. ready on which you will showcase andsell your book.  You may also get offers for your services  through your web presence.  You may even offer it for free, as an incentive to your customers or visitors to your site.

Even though it’s not particularly complicated, writing and publishing an ebook does take a lot of work.

Focus on good aspects of ebook business

  1. It should be a quality product,  namely good content, professionally edited, and formatted for best viewing on e-readers, with an appealing cover.

     2.  target an audience who want to read your book and make a plan of marketing                   to  them through amazon, barnes and noble, iboooks, kobo, your own website                       and on social media

  1. Tell people about your book. Include your book on your website and marketing materials. Share excerpts and articles related to the book’s topic on your blog and other websites.

Write an ebook that sells

One lady decided to write a book as an experiment and set herself a month to write and publish an ebook that sells. Five months passed without her having done anything. with sheer determination to see it through, she went ahead the following months, wrote and published it with the idea of selling it to get a   buy ice cream!. With her marketing techniques, she sold more than expected and continues to do so.

If you want to write a book you can make time to write it, doing so at a pace that is alright with you and your circumstances.

Google Adsense

What is Adsense

 One convenient way that people monetize their blogs is through Google Adsense. It is a programme by Google that allows publishers to put advertisements on websites using text, image, video, banners or other interactive media ads. The site’s geographical location and other factors are taken into consideration.

Adsense is the most popular advertising network and has been important in helping small business websites to earn some revenue.  Others use the Google ad words programme.  Advertisers i.e. companies and individuals pay Google to put their ads on various websites; and Google pays some of that money website owners.

It’s use is best for websites that are mainly content drive e.g information websites.

Adsense is not a get rich quick scheme and as usual requires a lot of hard work on the website in general.

Adsense Revenue

The amount of revenue earned depends on a number of factors one of it being the number of visitors and secondly their interaction with ads on the site.  Placement of the ads and how the ad blends with your content also counts.  The amount of revenue fluctuates from month to month.


  Google Adsense Tutorial

It is not advisable to setup a blog mainly with the intention of monetization with Adsense without the accompanying intention of adding value to the blog for the benefit visitors.  The quality of a blog goes down very quickly if good care is not taken of it. In setting up such a blog, the niche in which you intend to give information, where and how you will get traffic or visitors should be well researched.

Google Adsense Acount Approval Process

There are also rules rules of the programme that one has to abide by.  The approval process involves the following among others:

  • Check up that your website is AdSense compatible
  • Sign up for an AdSense account;
  • After approval [typically 48 hours], you will be given an adsense code
  • Login to your AdSense account and add the AdSense code
  • Ads will start showing when your application is approved

An application to use Adsense can be declined and you will be asked to re-apply after meeting the demands of google

For more information download this Adsense guide





Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips for 4/12/2015


The WordPress Visual Editor

The wordpress visual editor is like the word doc  wysiwyg [what you see is what you get] and allows you to create, edit and format your website.  Get to know it from these 14 tips by wpbeginner.    continue reading 


Blog  Layout

You should also be thinking about the kind of layout you would like your blog to have.  Check out from problogdesign on two and three column designs.  continue reading 


Ten (10) Minute Content Strategy

Good content is what sets your website apart from others; hence a strategy for creating content should always be acquired or reviewed. Add more   content creation actionable ideas from content machine’s 10 minute content strategy to your tips.   continue reading


Best WordPress Plugins and Widgets

Plugins and widgets are apps or software added to wordpress to extend its functionality e.g contact form.  Plugins are normally used by the site owner the admin area.  Go over the popular plugins by wordpress.org  to familiarise yourself with them .  continue reading

… Before Becoming a Full Time Professional Blogger

If you’ve been following my blog closely, you’ll have noticed that blogging can be taken as a full time career; and you train to become a professsional blogger.  Most training is practical as we’ve been doing so far. moneyconnexion.com’s is the first in a number of internet marketing journeys we will look at.  continue reading 










Have you heard or read about  Aliko Dangote the billionaire?  I find several virtues coming out in his life history, namely

  • Respect
  • humility
  • Faith in God
  • Hard work
  • truthfulness
  • honesty
  • discipline
  • leadership qualities
  • good steward of money


The Word of God laid in our hearts is the premise by which we prosper.  People ask ‘how can I be rich, wealthy,  be blessed have abundance as a child of God, enjoy life and live long.  God blesses people whether in the Old Testament e.g. Job, Abraham, Joseph, Solomon or in the New Testament, Joseph of Arimathea. In the N.T also for Paul, godliness should be combined with contentment which is of great spiritual gain to the Christian [I Tim.6:6] and this is a virtue which must be learned. [Phil 4:1-12]

If you don’t align yourself with what God wants you to do when you are blessed you will have problems.  It will also all sink if you don’t know how to handle it;  and because we will account for it, don’t spend all in one day or use it unwisely.

Money plays a major role in life but, also money gives a false sense of security 1 Ttim 6;16-17;  Mk 10;25;  Matt 6;24 and Prov 11;28.

Hard work is also required of us – don’t live in a fantasy world of having it but not working for it. At the same time disabuse from your mind that money is wrong so you will not do anything to get it [1 Tim 5;8]   Hard work pays [as in Jn 5;17]  God himself is a worker.

To the believer money is a tool for evangelism Deut 8;18; Job 31  Phil 4;15.

How exciting it is that for a simple act of faith [and possibly several others] Aliko Dangote was blessed by an anointed man of God with benefits flowing from God for several years to come.  Let us use our wealth in the kingdom of God and still gives cheerfully as God prospers us, or as we are able. 1 cor.16;2; 2 cor 9:6-15  remembering that  giving benefits others, and  us  and also glorifies God.