Facts about Branded Products like T’shirts

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Simple t'shirt
Simple t’shirt

Words and artwork that motivate, give good-will and encouragement are put on branded products like t’shirts, mugs etc. to form a
niche with a targeted audience. This could be religious quotes, popular sayings of a group, attributes of professional groups like nurses, students, sports enthusiasts, humorous and motivational quotes, popular or trending slogans etc. These also reach out to people just like e books because people are gaining relevant information and adding value to their lives.

Making a design for t’shirts and other products has become a profitable side income or full time work online. Some also donate all or part of the income generated to charity. T’shirts, mugs, key hooks, caps, tote bags, sports/travelling bags, cosmetic cases, jewellery bags, hoodies, coasters, umbrellas, sippers, and gifts are some of the products that are branded with artwork and text.

It is necessary to target a specific group or audience for such a project. Niches are divided into trend-based [seasonal like Christmas, Easter, festivals etc.] or evergreen – based on things that are constant e.g. moms, dads, professions, birthdays etc. There are also several sub niches of these broad niches – teenagers who love football

To start, choose a niche as always, based on an interest shared by several other people. Make a search by checking on sites and social media pages with the same niche and see which designs have much engagement or likes. You can also check the websites that produce t’shirts for possible designs. A few of such companies/platforms are;

cafe press.com
style us brands.com

How to become a T’shirt Designer

– Search for t’shirt producing websites see what is expected of you as a designer
– create a fan page with appropriate name on Facebook or other social media
– write a draft description for your design as to why the design and save it on your pc
– with your designs in mind, crate an account and start creating your designs – which could be only text or a combination of text and artwork.
– put the designs on your Fanpage and link it to other t’shirt sites and some of your fans who are also interested in that niche
– engage and promote your tees and/or other products
– create campaigns or paid Facebook ads

How T’shirt Designing Platforms Operate

Most t’shirt platforms operate in a similar manner. i.e

– provide tool for designing
– designers do not pay anything to create designs. you are paid when a minimum [stated] number of the product is sold.
– set a goal [no of shirts to be ordered before printing starts]
– set the selling price
– print and market the product based on orders received
– designers set up a shop on platform
– other designers can sell your shirts i.e cross promote and sell
– pay designers after successful sales

Selling t’shirts on Teespring

Teespring.com is one such site that is popular for tees. Upon creating an account you are sent to the designing tool where you add text, font, change font colour etc; or click ‘art’ to upload your own artwork.

Teespring t'shirt design tool
Teespring t’shirt design tool

On the right side of the screen, you can also add a few other t’shirt designs like hood, children’s tees, women’s etc. change the colour or indicate other colours in which the tee can be printed. A selling price is set as you add designs. You can also choose to add a caption at the back of the shirt or not.

After that move to step 2, set a goal,  go through the steps and in step 3 add a description.

Teespring t'shirt creation page
Teespring t’shirt creation page


You will also select a category and fill in the blank for url which is the name you used to create the account. This will link customers to your page on teespring

Teespring T'shirt Creation - Step 3
Teespring T’shirt Creation – Step 3


After which you promote your tee on your Facebook page and also make some Facebook ads to attract a targeted audience.


  • there are no upfront costs to start
  • only t’shirts that are ordered and paid for will be printed
  • can be successful with a targeted niche and a few attempts to sell without using ads


  • testing and re-testing of facebook ads requires learning  and practice to succeed

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