How to work on Fiverr

Fiverr was started in 2009 as a freelance site.   It is a large market place in which people are looking for all sorts of services to sell or buy.  Sellers indicate a task to perform for the payment of initial $5; hence the name fiverr.  Jobs performed are known as gigs.   It is a site for freelancers to expand their services and build reputation in their niche.

A perfect Gig on Fiverr, could be something you can do literally in a few minutes or hours, but that not many other people can do.   There is the need to study the platform, see what others are offering for ideas as to what you can also offer.

The most important principles required on fiverr are:

  • Truth
  • respect
  • professionalism

As you undertake one skill successfully, you can add other skills you have as well.

It is allowed to hire other freelancers on fiverr to do aspects of the tasks in order to save yourself time.

Working on fiverr is not a matter of paying peanuts for monkeys; as you go through various levels, and augment your services charges can go up to between $100 and $500 for high level sellers.


Sellers share 20% of the funds with fiverr.

Payment is only through paypal and payoneer.

Waiting time is 14 days




Before registering on fiverr, sharpen your skills for the gig you want to offer.

Research on fiverr  for popular gigs.

Look for tools and apps that will make your work go on well


  • Add a video of what you can do to your profile
  • Use specific catchy heading and titles
  • Add a customised image
  • Give a good description of your service

III      First thing is to join the forum after registration at


IV .

  • Provide quality and timely gigs in order foryour customers to keep coming back.
  • Also pay attention to customer reviews and make improvements where necessary.
  1. Dealing with buyers
  • Avoid giving buyers samples where that is not really necessary
  • When buyers do not know what they want, guide them but do what is only worth your time
  • Take time to discuss the details of the project well in advance and ask the buyer for references where necessary
  • Estimate your required price and be clear with the buyer about all the terms that the order includes before going ahead with the work
  • Some things like good images must be provided by the buyer and try to avoid unlimited revisions that is not worth your time nor the price set for the gig
  • Some difficult buyers expect good quality work for a very low price


  • Apprise yourself of the pros and cons of fiverr from different perspectives on the forum and other online searches

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