Make a free ebook cover using powerpoint


The cover of your ebook is also an essential part of the book since it is the first thing seen by searchers.  It is necessary to take time in getting a very good attractive cover that will fit unto any device like pc, phone or tablet.

Some rules to bear in mind when creating an ebook cover:

  • should give readers an idea of what the book is about even if they’ve not seen the text or content of the book.
  • Should look professionally designed
  • Design should reflect the content of the book
  • Should be a flat design to load unto your ebook; but a 3d cover design can be displayed on your website
  • Should look well as a thumbnail


Some ebook cover design software

  • Powerpoint
  • Microsoft word
  • Kindle publishing ebook cover maker
  • Free online ecover maker
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator Cs6
  • Canva [and other image creation tools]



Application of concept – OWT (Onlineworkerz Tutorial)  2 

Make  some research on other book covers both online and offline – checking on  fonts, colours, images etc

Simple ebook cover

 [1]   For a very simple ebook cover e.g to put on a pdf that will be shared among friends or colleagues,

  1. In your draft ebook, move the first page down [i.e the page on which you have the book title and author name] to the second page to ensure the first page is blank
  2. Search for an image already stored on your pc and upload it unto the blank page
  3. Copy the heading and subtitle and place it underneath the image [change the font by making it larger and also add some effects, like a box, shadow etc]
  4. Centre both picture and text on page.
  5. Finish



Using microsoft powerpoint

For an image that you draw by yourself,

  1. Go to file, new, blank presentation or design, page setup then change the size of the slide to  10” x 15” or 6” x 9” [or 3200 x 4800 pixels]

ebook declan 1



  1. With the colour of the book in mind, go to insert, shapes and select the rectangle shape. The cursor changes into a black cross . drag the shape around the border of your shape on both the left and right. [arrowed]  It can also be at the top and bottom.
  1. Click format, shape outline. Select red from the colours.  This immediately changes the outline of the rectangular shape to red.
  2. Click Insert, text box. The cursor changes into an arrow. Use it to draw a rectangular shape at the top of your slide.  click inside and type the heading.  Then click format, shape fill and choose grey. [as found on image above]
  3. Highlight your text, change font by making it bigger
  4. Click format, word art styles, choose one, and change style of text, if desired
  5. Do the same at the bottom for the sub heading; but this time choose format, text fill and black.
  6. Save as jpeg on your pc
  7. Upload unto ebook

Using a picture or image on your pc
  1. Go to file, new, blank presentation or design, page setup then change the size of the slide to 10” x 15” or 6” x 9” [or 3200 x 4800 pixels]
  2. Go to picture, select a picture from your pc and upload it
  3. Click on the picture. The format icon appears on the toolbar; use it to make any changes you want to the image like changing the colour, add text using larger font etc and add other effects.
  4. Save as jpeg on your pc
  5. Then upload unto your ebook when you are ready

Alternatively you can use a professional to design your ebook cover.


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