How to write and sell an ebook on kindle

There are a number of people who write and sell ebooks on kindle as a way of working online.  A few people still prefer to read print-on-demand (paperback) books.  But in modern times most people prefer to download and read ebooks. With that method you can get the book to download instantly.  Ebooks are read at a computer screen or from handheld e-readers.

Why ebooks are so popular

Why have ebooks become so popular?  Ebook sales have since 2010 continued to surpass hardcover book sales on both and Barnes and Noble.  Self publishing namely print on demand and electronic publishing are easier and more affordable than traditional vanity publishing; thus many companies started publishing ebooks to increase their credibility whilst ebook companies also sprang up to help up and coming authors.Any type of written publication can be turned into an ebook. With ebooks there are no printing costs.

 In thinking of an ebook you have to get a niche i.e what the book will be about.  You also have to research and see what other publications are there on the subject for more ideas.  Also know what people are saying about the subject by joining discussions in the forums and then you can narrow down your writing to meet a specific audience.

Maybe you have a vast knowledge of a topic and you can create a series of books. For example, if you’re a gardener, you can books on rose gardening, vegetable gardening, inside gardening, organic gardening and more.  

Most larger booksellers like Amazon, Barns and Noble etc already have ebook departments.

There are various steps involved in publishing an ebook some of which are;

Researching – find out whether it will solve a problem e.g teaching how to do something , address a fear or satisfy a curiosity.  Search from tutorials and guides on how to write an ebook and also your niche.  Also look up some of the best selling books on amazon for more ideas

Your Niche – is it fiction or non fiction

Writing drafts – dividing into chapters

Finalising writing – should not be too long, [depending on the topic] as people tend to read on their way to work

Adding an ebook cover

Adding security to minimise duplication

Publishing – you may use experts or do it yourself


Marketing your book – Theres the need to spend some time getting a facebook page or website, newsletter, rss feed etc. ready on which you will showcase andsell your book.  You may also get offers for your services  through your web presence.  You may even offer it for free, as an incentive to your customers or visitors to your site.

Even though it’s not particularly complicated, writing and publishing an ebook does take a lot of work.

Focus on good aspects of ebook business

  1. It should be a quality product,  namely good content, professionally edited, and formatted for best viewing on e-readers, with an appealing cover.

     2.  target an audience who want to read your book and make a plan of marketing                   to  them through amazon, barnes and noble, iboooks, kobo, your own website                       and on social media

  1. Tell people about your book. Include your book on your website and marketing materials. Share excerpts and articles related to the book’s topic on your blog and other websites.

Write an ebook that sells

One lady decided to write a book as an experiment and set herself a month to write and publish an ebook that sells. Five months passed without her having done anything. with sheer determination to see it through, she went ahead the following months, wrote and published it with the idea of selling it to get a   buy ice cream!. With her marketing techniques, she sold more than expected and continues to do so.

If you want to write a book you can make time to write it, doing so at a pace that is alright with you and your circumstances.


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